Serbia’s Luka Jović inspired for some-more success

What a year this has been for Luka Jović. After a marvellous deteriorate on loan with Eintracht Frankfurt, where he scored 10 goals in a UEFA Europa League, a inclusive striker concluded a understanding to join Real Madrid progressing this month.


Before he moves to a Santiago Bernabéu, however, a 21-year-old is dynamic to star for Serbia during a 2019 UEFA European Under-21 Championship. Jović has already scored during comparison turn though is inspired to gleam during these finals after his 7 goals in qualifying.

Watch Luka Jović in movement for Frankfurt

Watch Luka Jović in movement for Frankfurt

Serbia have not got past a organisation theatre given 2007. Do we consider this organisation is prepared to take a subsequent step forward?

Luka Jović: First of all, we was not wakeful of that statistic, so we wish we conduct to mangle that bad tradition and get into a subsequent turn of a competition. We positively have certainty to grasp something like that, so we wish we succeed.

How does it feel to be representing your nation during an general foe like this?

Every actor wants to give their best when they play for their nation and inhabitant team. It’s a same for us, and we wish we won’t defect a people, as we paint a nation wherever we are in a world.

Luka Jović has sealed for Real Madrid

Luka Jović has sealed for Real Madrid©Getty Images

Serbia face Austria, Germany and Denmark in Group B. How formidable will that be and do we see Germany as a organisation favourites?

The organisation is unequivocally strong. We know Austria a small bit improved as they were in a same organisation as us [in a qualifiers], though there will still be a lot of players who weren’t there during a qualifiers. We’re going to proceed a initial compare with counsel as it’s regarded as a many important.

I would unequivocally singular out a Germans: as we said, they are a favourites in a group. Germany is a footballing powerhouse, though we won’t give in simply and we will give a all to kick them.

Luka Jović was a large strike for Frankfurt

Luka Jović was a large strike for Frankfurt©AFP/Getty Images

You know Germany good after your glorious deteriorate with Frankfurt. Does that success and increasing media courtesy motivate we even some-more or does it supplement to a pressure?

That’s true, we had a unequivocally good deteriorate and I’m confident with my achievements. we can always do better, of course, though let’s leave that for a future. With regards to a pressure, we don’t feel it’s grown. I’ve away myself from it all and I’m entirely strong on a diversion and giving my best so that we, as a team, can grasp a best outcome possible.

How critical is it for we to be participating in this foe as a credentials for your pierce to Real Madrid?

A lot of players wouldn’t be here now if they were me. But we already missed out on a [U20] World Cup since of injury, so we was totally certain we wanted to join my organisation here. we knew now that if it were adult to me, we would attend in this tournament. I’m not disturbed – I’ll have adequate time to rest and get prepared for subsequent season.


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