Recap: Everything new is old in Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere

In another part of Winterfell, Jorah and Daenerys meet up with Samwell, who saved Jorah’s life last season from greyscale. This, however, turns into a conversation where Daenerys tells Sam that she killed his father and brother when they refused to take the knee. It’s unclear how he feels about it. He’s never had the best relationship with his family. His father always said he wasn’t worthy, which is why he joined the Night’s Watch. However, that means Sam is now the head of his house, the last of the Tarly line.

He doesn’t get time to think about it though because Bran intercepts him and tells him he needs to tell Jon about his parentage. Bran has been lurking in the corners of every scene in Winterfell, staring and making eye contact with some specific characters. He claims he’s not “Bran” as we knew him anymore, but the way he looks at Jamie Lannister, who’s been hiding out in Winterfell this whole time, it’s clear there’s still a part of the original Bran left. The very first episode of the show saw Bran discovering that Jamie and Cersei were sleeping together, with Jamie pushing Bran out a window. It’s telling that this encounter is the final shot in the first episode of Season 8.

As we expected, Jon doesn’t take the news of his parentage particularly well.

Before we wrap up though, we enter the crypt below Winterfell, a fitting place for a familial revelation. Jon and Sam exchange hugs (remember, they haven’t seen each other since Jon was still Commander of the Night’s Watch back in Season 5) but get right into the topic at hand. Sam reveals the truth: that he’s Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron Throne. As we expected, Jon doesn’t take this particularly well, although it’s unclear if he’s more distressed by what this means for him as a pawn in this whole thing, or by what it means for him and Daenerys.

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We also need to check in on the aftermath of the destruction of the Wall. It looks like the ragtag group of Tormund and the Brotherhood Without Banners made it out alive and are at Castle Black hoping to find survivors. Luckily, they run into a few members of the Night’s Watch and they all agree to ride down to Winterfell, beating the dead so they can prepare for battle. However, along with survivors they run into a cryptic message left by the Night King. Ned Umber’s body is attached to the wall, surrounded by severed hands in a spiral, which is a symbol we’ve seen used by the Night King before. This is a pattern that was created by the Children of the Forest, who were the originators of the White Walkers, but we still don’t know what exactly they mean. Considering what happened to Ned, who was sent out early in the episode to round up his house for the Starks, it can’t mean anything good.

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