Real Madrid screw Thibaut Courtois: ‘There is always pressure’

Can we start by articulate about what it’s like being a goalkeeper – quite a vigour of being a screw during Real Madrid?

In each organisation – and this goes for Atleti and Chelsea too – there is always vigour as a goalkeeper is always a final one perplexing to stop a goal. There is apparently no domain for error.

Whenever a goalkeeper creates a mistake, it roughly always ends adult in a goal, so there is always pressure. There’s vigour here during Madrid, though we don’t consider that changes whichever bar you’re personification for.

Madrid are routinely in a antithesis half, have a lot of a round and emanate lots of chances. How do we stay focused for a 3 or 4 times you’re called into action?

Watch some of Thibaut Courtois' best saves

Watch some of Thibaut Courtois’ best saves

You have to concentration during all times. When we’re attacking, it is really critical to be alert, to play behind a defensive line; if it’s a high defensive line afterwards we need to get serve upfield.

You need to play in a space and stop those balls removing through; for instance opposite Roma [in a organisation stage], we had to come out of a area dual or 3 times to stop a counter. That’s when we need to be warning and that’s because we always need to be concentrating.


The purpose of a goalkeeper has altered during a march of your career – now they are coming to have clever technique and be good on a ball. How do we see this development?

Over a final 10 years, a lot some-more has been asked of goalkeepers – to be good with your feet, play in a space – when maybe it was not like this 20 years ago. Even so, when we played during Genk as a child, they asked we to play with your feet from a really immature age.

It also depends on a organisation we play for, either they’re usually looking to play prolonged balls or to play out from a back. Being a goalkeeper today is most some-more than creation saves on a line – it’s also about personification into space, personification with your feet, and shortening a stretch between yourself and a defence. It’s a small of everything.

Courtois is determined as Real Madrid No1

Courtois is determined as Real Madrid No1©AFP/Getty Images

How do we tend to ready for Champions League matches? Is there a slight where we demeanour during how players shoot, for example?

It’s a same for each match: we watch videos of a team’s aggressive routines, we watch a penalties, we demeanour during a mistakes, we see how a strikers finish. That doesn’t change, either it’s a Champions League, a Liga, or a crater tie.

Now that a diversion is approaching, what are your thoughts on this tie opposite Ajax?

They have a good organisation with a brew of knowledge and immature talent and we consider they play good football. They will come and play open. They won’t defend; that’s their style, they play football.


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