Raptors face pivotal off-season questions

The Toronto Raptors’ 2015-16 deteriorate was positively a best in a story of a 21-year-old franchise.

Led by all-star guards DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, a Raptors won a team-record 56 games in a unchanging deteriorate before creation an rare playoff run that enclosed a team’s initial array feat in over 15 yearsfirst appearance

As Toronto looks to take a subsequent step toward contending for an NBA championship, here’s a demeanour during a few pivotal questions confronting a group this off-season:

Will DeRozan stay?

If a Raptors wish to sojourn an Eastern Conference contender for a foreseeable future, afterwards they contingency keep their best scorer. With a NBA income top set to boost by around 29 per cent subsequent deteriorate as a league’s new $24 billion US television deal

Many experts have pegged a sharpened guard as a actor who will command

The Raptors ought to uncover DeRozan a money, even if it strains a team’s destiny top space. A top-10 scorer during 23.5 points per diversion this season, he also warranted a third-most giveaway throws in a league. DeRozan’s capability and ability to get to a line would be sorely missed if he walks this summer.

Although a six-year maestro has recently voiced his desire to staycould lean him

What about Biz?

During a playoff run, Raptors fans became enamoured with a rim-protecting, finger-wagging

But a 6-foot-9, 245-pound Congo local has reportedly also held a eye of several NBA ubiquitous managers, and his market value

Those numbers would expected cost out a Raptors wholly if they move behind DeRozan on a max-money deal, though even if DeRozan leaves, the group couldn’t clear bringing behind Biyombo during that cost tag. Starting core Jonas Valanciunus’s creatively inked $64 million understanding is set to flog in with a top strike of $14.3 million on subsequent year’s books, and spending $30 million per year on a position that is apropos reduction critical in a complicated NBA wouldn’t make really most sense.

Help during a 4?

One indicate that became increasingly clear via a Raptors’ post-season run is a team’s need for alleviation during energy forward. Aging maestro Luis Scola’s agreement is set to expire, and a 36-year-old’s struggles this post-season make his lapse to a group unlikely. That said, when Scola was benched mid-playoffs for Patrick Patterson, a formula were not dramatically improved as a Kentucky product struggled with craziness as a starter.

So where can a Raptors demeanour to fill their need for an ascent during a four?

First off, a group could demeanour to the draft

Toronto could also demeanour to a free-agent market. General manager Masai Ujiri could confirm to reunite uber-efficient Al Horford with DeMarre Carroll, his former teammate on a Hawks, or maybe move in a maestro large male in hunt of one final pretension run, such as Pau Gasol. If a Raptors confirm to go a free-agency route, a doubt is either or not they will have adequate income to contest in what are certain to be costly behest wars.

Ujiri could also trade for a four, maybe with a kind of reverse-Rudy-Gay understanding where a Raptors package a garland of their picks and a few purpose players to land an chosen energy forward.

No matter that instruction a GM chooses, this off-season — most like a whole past deteriorate — total to be one to remember in Toronto.

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