Newcomer or veteran alike, Resident Evil 4 is a must

Easily one of the best things about the Nintendo Switch port of Resident Evil 4 is the fact that one of the best Resident Evil games is now available on-the-go. While the game was ported to Android and iOS, I will always prefer having physical buttons for games like this, and that’s why the Switch version reigns supreme compared to the mobile ports.

Another thing I like are the high definition graphics. As great as the game is, blocky graphics are fairly dated these days, so it was nice to see everything looking smoother and more realistic instead of jagged polygonal edges. While Resident Evil 4 is a game that I would prefer to play docked in TV mode (with the lights off, obviously), the graphics also look great when playing handheld as well. The audio is also good, with no odd distortions.

I’m also a fan of the gameplay style of Resident Evil 4, as it’s more about the action, rather than resource management and puzzle solving. I don’t do that well in games where every bullet counts, so I find the more lax resource management in Resident Evil 4 to be nice. You’ll always have ammo available, and money and healing items aren’t too hard to find either. And the puzzles are not too challenging, so you won’t be stuck on them for very long, and there won’t really be a time when you’ll need to consult a guide to get past one. The focus on Resident Evil 4 is the action.

That dang aiming sensitivity!

Resident Evil 4 for Nintendo Switch: What I Don’t Like

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