Kate Middleton Makes a $30 Zara Headband Look Amazing

Hair accessories are having a major moment, but one of the most timeless looks of all time is the trusty headband. Sure, ‘90s-inspired barrettes and scrunchies are cool and all, but suddenly the ol’ push-your-hair-out-of-your-face standby is popping up everywhere again in celebrity street style, as well as on the red carpet and social media!

What’s extra-special about the headband trend is that celebrities love to make the look their own, whether that means matching one’s red carpet ensemble to that of their on-screen character like Angelina Jolie for Maleficent or simply to add a little oomph to a simple look like Jessica Alba. With a million different styles to choose from (read: knotted, embellished, vintage, velvet — and more!), there’s surely an option for every beauty aesthetic and hair texture. Blair Waldorf sure knew what she was doing.

Celebs have been taking to the red carpet with fun headbands for as long as we can remember, a few standout moments of the past decade being Charlize Theron’s iconic rhinestone accessory from 2012 or Lupita Nyong’o’s super-thin, yet ultra-dazzling headband. And no matter the year — or decade, even — we can take beauty inspiration from ‘em all!

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite celebrity headband moments — and to get inspiration for your next hair look!

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