Joker trailer debuts Joaquin Phoenix’s disturbing take on the famed villain

What we know so far is that the movie will take place in the ’80s, which means it’ll be an origin story of sorts and take place long before Joker starts tormenting Batman. Which will be interesting, because we rarely see one without the other.

Before Joker becomes Joker, he’ll be known as Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian who is disregarded by society. Soon, he’s driven insane and takes on the persona of Joker, a psychotic anarchist who wreaks havoc across Gotham.

We’ve seen some images from the set indicating that Joker has become the face of a revolution. Apparently, he motivates people to protest against capitalism and the rich, connecting with those who feel under-represented in society.

In the comics, films, and video games, Joker has always attracted a certain crowd, and it looks like the newest film will be no different.

So, this doesn’t star Jared Leto?

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