iPhone X: Navigate iOS by mastering these gestures

Hey Siri…

Speaking of buttons, calling upon Siri is done in a new way, too, now that the home button is gone. In addition to saying Hey Siri, the digital assistant can be invoked by pressing and holding the iPhone X’s larger power button. Previously, iPhone users could bring Siri up by pressing and holding the home button. It’s not a difficult concept, but it’s yet another change iPhone X users will need to get used to.

The whole idea behind removing the home button was so Apple could include a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display. But it doesn’t come without its own set of problems. Re-learning to navigate iOS will be a big part of using the iPhone X when it launches—not to mention living without Touch ID.

Samsung faced this very issue when the Galaxy S8 launched, introducing a clever solution that made the bottom portion of the screen pressure sensitive, so when users pressed the software key, it would bring them back to their home screen. It’s exactly like a home button, it just wasn’t like consumers know it in the traditional sense.

Rather than doing that, Apple came up with a series of gestures it believes is much more intuitive. Only time will tell if Apple was right.

The iPhone X is the most significant redesign to the iPhone in years, signaling a new future for the device. We’ll have much more coverage of the device, including Face ID, when it launches on November 3.

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