Iker Casillas on Porto, Real Madrid and a 100 club

Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas has featured in 20 unbroken UEFA Champions League campaigns, winning a foe with Real Madrid in 2000, 2002 and 2014; sat down with a Spain good forward of Porto’s last-16 tie with Roma to simulate on a stellar career to date.

Casillas' Porto finished a organisation theatre unbeaten

Casillas’ Porto finished a organisation theatre unbeaten©Getty Images

On life during Porto …

The dragon [the Porto symbol] is partial of this ancestral club, that won dual UEFA Champions League titles  in a aged format and a new. It is where we call home today and we am really gentle with that. we have many difference of regard for FC Porto given we arrived here.

It’s a opposite league, though they have taken me in given we arrived and we am really happy to have common a lot of good moments with them. In a north [of Portugal] it’s Porto, Porto and Porto from when they are really young. It seems like this is instilled in them.

Watch Casillas' best moments

Watch Casillas’ best moments

On reaching 100 UEFA Champions League appearances …

I never illusory I’d play 100 Champions League games. Looking behind during it now, with this new perspective, we get a bit scared, since it means a lot of games, a lot of moments. It’s a formidable record to strech but, above all, we feel intensely unapproachable to have won [the competition] 3 times and managed to stay in a Champions League for so long.

Watch highlights of a 2002 final

Watch highlights of a 2002 final

On his initial call-up to a Real Madrid comparison patrol …

It’s a good version since it was behind in 1997 and we was in pattern class. We were articulate about Real Madrid, about how they were doing during a time. It was late November, we think, and Real Madrid were struggling in a league. we consider they were third or fourth and removing bad results, though things were going excellent in a Champions League. They had an critical diversion opposite Rosenborg entrance adult in Norway.

At that point, a high-school principal came into a classroom. Everyone knew we played in Real Madrid’s girl ranks. He used to speak to me about Real Madrid, usually as we did with my friends. He said: “Iker, would we mind stepping outward for one second?”

“Sure,” we replied. When we came out, he told me: “You’d softened get in a cab now and precipitate to Barajas [airport] since Real Madrid usually phoned your silent and she has called us. You need to precipitate adult since we have to go to Norway.”

[It felt] like winning a lottery. we remember that impulse really well. we was 16 years old. we left school, went home, altered my clothes, got in a cab to Barajas, and we met all a stars – all we suspicion unfit when we were a kid.

I went from being in category with my partner Julio to sitting during a same list as Fernando Morientes, Clarence Seedorf, Fernando Sanz, Predrag Mijatović, Davor Šuker and Raúl González. It was something enchanting and we will always remember that.

The large prize: a fresh-faced Casillas in 2002

The large prize: a fresh-faced Casillas in 2002©Getty Images

On entrance on as a surrogate in a 2002 UEFA Champions League final …

I wasn’t prepared to come on. we had always played with brief sleeves since we felt some-more gentle and free,and we wasn’t prepared. So a impulse comes when I’m about to come on [for a harmed César Sánchez]. we have to get off a bench, we don’t have my brief sleeves, I’m unsettled and shaken since we don’t like to come on like that generally in a final and so we had to cut my sleeves. Javier Miñano, a strength and conditioning manager during Real Madrid, helped while Vicente Del Bosque was giving me some instructions on how to go about a match.

In a finish we were propitious adequate to win my second Champions League title – opposite a Bayer Leverkusen side that had improved. People contend that Bayer Leverkusen doesn’t seem like a good group though we’re articulate about a group with Michael Ballack and Yildiray Baştürk, really good players during that time. They had separated Manchester United, Juventus, etc. we demeanour behind on it with a lot of happiness, and we was usually 20 during a time.

It all happened really quickly, though in a finish it was all really strange. we consider it was a initial time a screw had to be replaced in a Champions League final.

Casillas rises a UEFA Champions League in 2014

Casillas rises a UEFA Champions League in 2014©Getty Images

On a Real Madrid-Barcelona adversary …

You mature as a actor with all a Clásicos there have been in Spain. It’s a many heated adversary on earth. Of march there are derbies a universe over though all about Madrid-Barça is during a top probable turn since in a final few years a best players in a universe have been during those dual clubs.

We haven’t nonetheless been means to see a Madrid-Barcelona Champions League final  we don’t consider we’re prepared for that yet. We’ve gifted something identical in other competitions such as a Copa Libertadores, though a Champions League final between Real Madrid and Barcelona could be really tough.

We’ve already seen Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid. we can suppose that [a Clásico as a] probable final, and it would be tough, though certainly we’ll see it one day.

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