How Spider-Man: Far From Home completely changes the MCU

As the second trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home reveals, Mysterio is from Earth—just not our Earth.

“There are multiple realities, Peter,” Mysterio explains. “This is Earth dimension 616. I’m from Earth-833. We share identical physical constants, level four symmetry.”

Apparently, the snap tore a hole in Earth’s dimension (the Earth where the MCU takes place). How Mysterio came through to Earth-616 is unclear.

But the existence of a multiverse opens up a host of possibilities. We’re not sure where Marvel plans to go over the next several years, but setting up the multiverse could be an easy way to introduce the X-Men to the MCU.

Mutants didn’t used to exist on Earth-616, but thanks to the Infinity Saga, now they do. Or they will once Marvel figures out its roadmap beyond the next few years.

What comes after Avengers: Endgame?

What comes after Spider-Man: Far From Home?

That’s a good question. Spider-Man: Far From Home is in a lot of ways a soft reboot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, heroes like Iron Man and Captain America won’t really be around going forward, if at all.

That means Spider-Man will become more of a focal point as Marvel starts exploring what’s beyond Thanos and the Infinity Stones. What’s unusual right now is we don’t really know what movies are coming after Spider-Man: Far From Home, because Marvel has yet to confirm anything.

However, there have been rumors that Marvel is working on movies for Black Widow, Doctor Strange 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Don’t forget, Disney is also in the process of acquiring the movie rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four, so Marvel could have something brewing there.

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