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Kellyanne Conway says Americans aren’t fooled by Biden policies, the former VP has benefited from lockdown

  • August 09, 2020

Kellyanne Conway: Biden's policies don't match up with Trump'sVideo

Kellyanne Conway: Biden’s policies don’t match up with Trump’s

Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway says people will not be fooled by presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s recent policy statements that sound eerily similar to President Trump’s. She later addresses the escalating tensions between the United States and China.

Don’t be fooled if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden sounds a lot like President Trump regarding the economy and taxes, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Saturday on “Watters’ World.”

“But don’t be fooled because his policies don’t match up. He’s part of the Bernie-[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] manifesto. He has committed to $4 trillion in new taxes,” Conway told guest host Brian Kilmeade. “He’s going to totally uproot our whole deregulation agenda, which has saved billions of dollars, but also means that for every new one regulation in, Brian, we have about twelve old ones out.”


Conway praised Trump’s recent rebuilding of the economy, slamming Biden’s record.

“So this president continues to rebuild the economy that he built. And who can blame Joe Biden for pretending that after 47 years in Washington of emptying our factories, our manufacturing base, shipping the jobs and wealth overseas that he has, he sees a winning message,” Conway said. “It was Trump’s winning message in 2016 and all through his presidency. Buy American, hire American. But people will not be fooled by that because Joe Biden has outsourced our jobs for years and this’ll be no different.”

The adviser dismissed polling although the gap has been closing between the candidates in recent days. The Real Clear Politics average of national polls shows Biden ahead of Trump by 6.4 percentage points.

Conway compared Biden to a “blind date,” calling hime a “cipher.”

“You can make whatever you want him to be. He’s a cipher,” Conway said. “He’s like the blind date you haven’t yet met. He’s handsome. He’s funny. He’s responsible. He loves little kids. He puts his dishes in the sink and eventually the doorbell rings. You have to open it. And there’s Joe Biden, not the person you thought you were going to get.”


The White House official noted progress regarding the administration and said Biden benefitted from the lockdown.

“The coronavirus report that there’s been no surge in a state from about Tuesday to Friday. So that’s positive, even though we are trying to mitigate the damage of coronavirus on the way to eradicating it completely through three therapeutics and then vaccines,” Conway said. “And this president is presiding over that. Look, lockdown works for Joe Biden. It has helped him. It doesn’t work for the rest of the country.”

Fox News’ Marisa Schultz contributed to this report.

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