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13 Next-Level Lipsticks to Snap Up in Honor of National Lipstick Day

  • July 28, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good lipstick? Literally no one. Considered by many as their beauty gateway drug, a good lip color can change everything. It’s confidence in a tube. It can brighten your face on a day when you’re tired, make a statement without you having to say a word, express your mood and even help you channel an alter ego. Lipstick just has that power.

And July 29 just so happens to be the holiday of all beauty holidays: National Lipstick Day. In honor of this most sacred day, slick on a kick-ass red or the latest game-changing demi-matte liquid lip and get ready to conquer the world (or brunch). Behold, the 13 best lipsticks and deals to break open your piggy bank and splurge a little on for National Lipstick Day 2018.

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