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WHO reviewing dengue vaccine amid concerns it could make infection worse

  • December 04, 2017

The World Health Organization pronounced on Monday it hoped to control a full examination by a finish of a year of a dengue vaccine that was dangling final week in a Philippines.  

The Philippines also systematic an review on Monday. On Friday, a dialect of health halted a dengue immunization module after a manufacturer, French drug company Sanofi Pasteur, announced a vaccine contingency be particularly singular due to justification it can wear dengue in people not formerly unprotected to a infection. 

More than 730,000 children in a Philippines have perceived a vaccine, commonly famous as Dengvaxia.

The WHO has recommended that a vaccine only be used in people who have had a before dengue infection.

The supervision of Brazil, where dengue is common, reliable it already had endorsed limited use of a vaccine though had not dangling it entirely.

Amid ascent open concern, Sanofi explained a “new findings” during a news discussion in Manila on Monday though did not contend because movement was not taken after a WHO news in mid-2016 that identified a risk a company was now flagging.


Dr Joselito Sta. Ana, Sanofi Pasteur Regional Director, gestures during a media lecture on a dengue vaccine during a hotel in Manila on Monday. Dr. Ruby Dizon, Sanofi’s medical executive (second from left), says a association is not wakeful of any deaths associated to dengue vaccination. (Romeo Ranoco/Reuters)

A non-governmental classification (NGO) pronounced it had perceived information that 3 children who were vaccinated with Dengvaxia in a Philippines had died and a senator pronounced he was wakeful of dual cases. However, Department of Health Undersecretary Gerardo Bayugo told Reuters a 3 referred to by a NGO died due to causes not associated to a vaccine and Sanofi pronounced no deaths had been reported as a outcome of a program.

“As distant as we know, as distant as we are done aware, there are no reported deaths that are associated to dengue vaccination,” pronounced Ruby Dizon, medical executive during Sanofi Pasteur Philippines.

In a statement, Sanofi pronounced a long-term reserve research of a vaccines showed significantly fewer hospitalizations due to dengue in vaccinated people over nine years aged compared with those who had not been vaccinated.

Nearly 734,000 children aged nine and over in a Philippines have perceived one sip of a vaccine as partial of a programme that cost 3.5 billion pesos (more than $80 million Cdn).

The Philippines Department of Justice on Monday systematic a National Bureau of Investigation to demeanour into “the purported risk to open health … and if justification so warrants, to record suitable charges thereon.”

There was no denote that Philippines health officials knew of any risks when they administered a vaccination. However, a WHO pronounced in a Jul 2016 investigate paper that “vaccination might be ineffectual or might theoretically even boost a destiny risk” of critical dengue illness in people who hadn’t been unprotected to it before to their initial vaccination. 


Patients rest inside a swarming sentinel filled with dengue patients during a sanatorium in Quezon City, Metro Manila, in a record print from Aug 24, 2011. The mosquito-borne pleasant illness kills about 20,000 people a year worldwide and infects hundreds of millions. (John Javellana/Reuters)

Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority pronounced final week that it flagged risks when Dengvaxia was authorized there in Oct 2016, and was operative with Sanofi to strengthen risk warnings on a drug’s packaging.

According to Sanofi in Manila, 19 licences were postulated for Dengvaxia, and it was launched in 11 countries, dual of that (the Philippines and Brazil) had open vaccination programs.

Brazil’s medical regulator Anvisa pronounced in a matter that it now recommends that people who have never been putrescent with dengue not take a vaccine, that was authorized for use in Brazil during a finish of 2015.

It was not famous either many people have taken a vaccine, if it was partial of any supervision immunization module or if any illnesses or deaths related to a drug have been reported to a Brazilian government. Anvisa did not immediately respond to a ask for comment, nor did a health ministry. A orator for Sanofi in Paris was not immediately accessible for comment.

A orator for Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte pronounced on Sunday a supervision would reason to comment those obliged for a program.

Former Health Secretary Janette Garin, who implemented a program under a administration of then-President Benigno Aquino, pronounced she welcomed a investigation.

“In a eventuality that there will be authorities who will indicate blame to me, we am prepared to face a consequences,” she told ANC TV. “We implemented it in suitability with WHO superintendence and recommendations.”

Presidential orator Harry Roque pronounced there had been no reported box of critical dengue infection given a vaccine was administered and urged a open “not to widespread information that might means undue alarm.”

First authorized dengue vaccine

Dengue is a mosquito-borne pleasant disease. Although it is not as critical as malaria, it is swelling fast in many tools of a world, murdering about 20,000 people a year and infecting hundreds of millions.

While Sanofi’s Dengvaxia is a first-ever authorized vaccine for dengue, scientists already famous it was not ideal and did not strengthen equally opposite a 4 opposite forms of a pathogen in clinical tests.

A new research from 6 years of clinical information showed Dengvaxia vaccine provides determined protecting advantage opposite dengue heat in those who had before infection. But for those not formerly putrescent by a virus, some-more cases of critical illness could start in a prolonged tenure following vaccination, Sanofi said.

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