Abortion tablet to be done accessible to N.S. women for free

Nova Scotia will shortly no longer be a usually range in Canada where women contingency get a mention from a alloy before engagement a surgical abortion, and will also make a termination tablet accessible for women during no cost.

The province announced Friday that women will be means to book a surgical termination directly by a termination of pregnancy section during a QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax.

The Nova Scotia Health Authority will also be environment adult a phone line so women can call and make appointments. The new measures are approaching to take outcome in a subsequent few months. 

“We trust that women should have control over their reproductive health and that’s because we’ve done that decision,” Kelly Regan, a apportion obliged for standing of women, told reporters during Province House.

Advocates have pronounced Nova Scotia has some of a top barriers in Canada to removing an abortion, due to a past mention process and extensive wait times for a time-sensitive procedure.

Abortion tablet to turn free

As partial of Friday’s announcement, a range pronounced it will make Mifegymiso — also famous as RU-486 — accessible for giveaway to all Nova Scotia women looking to cancel an early pregnancy. Mifegymiso is a two-drug multiple of mifepristone and misoprostol that can be used to cancel a pregnancy adult to 49 days.

Beginning in November, women with a current health label and medication will be means to get a drug during pharmacies.

“If they already have a health advantages devise we would ask them to use that and afterwards any residue a range will cover,” Regan said. “If they don’t have a health plan, we will cover that cost.”

Mifegymiso costs around $350 per treatment, and a range expects a magnitude to cost adult to $200,000 per year.

The changes are about providing women with a health caring options they deserve, said Premier Stephen McNeil, brushing off a doubt on whether he suspicion it would be a tough sell to certain segments of a public.

“It’s not a doubt about selling, it’s about doing what’s right,” he said. “And we trust women merit entrance to this health caring and we will do so.”


Mifegymiso is a drug diagnosis for women to finish pregnancies. (CBC)

To accept a termination pill, women contingency get a medication and have an ultrasound achieved to order out health risks and endorse how distant along they are in a pregnancy.

Women seeking a tablet will be given “same-day and obligatory access” to ultrasound apparatus in the evidence imaging dialect of a QEII, according to Kim Munroe, the Nova Scotia Health Authority’s executive of ambulatory care.

The range is working to safeguard a same customary will be in place outward metro Halifax in “the subsequent integrate of months,” pronounced John Gillis, a Nova Scotia Health Authority spokesperson.

In August, Health Minister Randy Delorey pronounced a use of requiring a mention for an termination was likely “historical practice,” not law.

Not all family doctors and pharmacists in Nova Scotia have been lerned to prescribe Mifegymiso. The range pronounced that as of Sept. 16, 15 physicians and 55 pharmacists in Nova Scotia had taken a online march for prescribing a pill.

Ontario, New Brunswick and Alberta also cover a cost of Mifegymiso, with Saskatchewan covering it formed on women’s particular drug coverage and eligibility.

Article source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/nova-scotia-abortion-no-referral-pill-mifegymiso-1.4301943?cmp=rss