Google Assistant is Now Bilingual

Google Assistant will now understand you if you speak two languages at once. Google announced the update was coming earlier this year, but the update is now rolling out making its voice assistant bilingual.

The announcement was made at IFA 2018 where Google is slowly adding its voice assistant to just about every product available. With the update, asking Google Assistant a question in two different languages will result in it answering in the specific language the question was asked in.

Google is making the feature super convenient by including it in Assistant’s arsenal of abilities, meaning you won’t have to go into the settings to change the language to let it understand you. Just select the two languages you want Assistant to understand you and it’ll be off and running.

To make the feature possible, Google is using a new language-identification model, which it calls LangID, to receive to different languages while detecting speech patterns.

The languages Google Assistant will work with are English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese with more languages to be added by the end of the year totaling in 30 options.

Google is rolling out the update starting this week.

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