GMOs Ruled Safe To Eat, But They Aren’t Solving World Hunger

Among a some-more startling findings, that Gould pronounced left he and other cabinet members scratching their heads, was that no USDA information offers justification that genetic engineering is improving a rate during that farmers’ yields are increasing. 

“We hear utterly a few claims that we need genetically engineered crops to feed a world,” Gould said. However, a information seems to tell a opposite story, according to a report.

The news concludes that while GE crops have “generally had auspicious mercantile outcomes for producers,” they’ve also resulted in weeds elaborating a insurgency to herbicides, including glyphosate, a commonly used herbicidelikely causes cancer in humans

When it comes to controlling new stand varieties, a news urges supervision agencies, including a Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency, to concentration not on a routine by that it was developed, though a plant’s characteristics. 

The news fast drew critique from anti-GMO groups, including Food  Water Watcharriving during watered-down systematic conclusionsETC Groupinconsistent on a crucially critical question

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Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2016/05/17/gmo-report-safe-to-eat_n_10019142.html?utm_hp_ref=hawaii&ir=Hawaii


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