Ford steering fix taking too long says Fusion owner after safety recall

Driving has become a major source of stress for Stephen Logan after receiving a notice on his phone that his 2017 Ford Fusion may not be safe to drive.

His is one of approximately 1.3 million cars in North America affected by a safety recall issued by Ford on March 14, involving potentially loose steering wheel bolts that could result in the steering wheel coming off entirely.

But when Logan, who lives in Lincoln, N.B., called local dealerships to get his car fixed, he was told they hadn’t received the new parts from the company yet, so his car couldn’t be fixed. 

He says he doesn’t understand why the company would issue the recall but not have the parts available to fix the problem.

“Where it’s a safety recall, I thought they would be looking after this a little more promptly considering there’s 1.4 million cars that this has affected in North America,” he said.

Ford is aware of two accidents where one person was injured related to this issue, according to a press release regarding the recall that was issued by the company.

The recall affects 62,479 cars in Canada.

Parts expected by April 

CBC requested an interview with Ford Canada regarding Logan’s concerns but was sent an emailed statement.

Ford spokesperson Elizabeth Weigandt said in the email the company expects to have the parts available by the end of April.

“We are working with our suppliers to expedite parts as quickly as possible,” Weigandt said in an email.

‘Major cause of stress’ 

Until then, Logan says he has no choice but to drive his car as it’s his only mode of transportation between his home in Lincoln and his job in Fredericton, about 9 kilometres away.

He hasn’t experienced any steering problems with his vehicle but, “it’s a major cause of stress,” he said. 

“When you’re driving at highway speeds and all of a sudden your steering wheel’s not attached to your car anymore, your car’s going to go where it wants, not where you want it to.”

CBC contacted Fredericton’s two Ford dealerships, Riverview Ford and Wood Motors Ford, but no one was available to comment Saturday.

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