For a Record: Jeb hits a reset button

It’s a cliché to contend that a presidential debate starts progressing and progressing any cycle, though seriously — we’ve been articulate about late 2016 given early 2015. Ted Cruz was a first to declare

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It’s a bird, it’s a craft … it’s superdelegates!

Bernie Sanders picked adult a superdelegate from Nevada

Beyond that, both Republicans and Democrats appropriate certain people as supposed superdelegates, who can uncover adult during a gathering and opinion for whomever they choose, regardless of how their home state voted. Of a 5,083 representatives who will be during a Democratic convention, 747 of them (14.7%) will be superdelegates (click here to see all a information democrats.org wants to share about a nominee processOn a Republican side

(On an separate note … who was that first guy who said, “Look adult in a sky! It’s a bird!” That man had a absurd level of unrestrained for birds. Walking around outward with him contingency have been an comprehensive ordeal.)

Jeb throws all his letters behind in a bag, shakes it vigorously

It wasn’t even 6 months ago that Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were articulate about Hillary vs. Jeb in 2016George Costanza’s playbook

So is TV not operative as a domestic apparatus anymore? “Big TV buys — traditionally a pointer of a campaign’s strength — are commencement to demeanour like a pointer of weakness,” says USA TODAY’s Rick Hampson. With expectations low for Jeb’s campaign, any alleviation on his 6% in Iowa is going to demeanour like a resurgence.

BREAKING: Trump ends year by scornful rivals

Ring out a old, ring in a old. At a convene sketch thousands of supporters in Hilton Head, South Carolinadance with who brung yahe’s perplexing to equivocate insulting his associate Republicans

More from a debate trail

And that’s all for us for 2015 … subsequent year we resolve to try to use fewer emdashes

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