Fitbit is working on an entry-level smartwatch

Its struggles haven’t kept Fitbit from continuing to develop new products. Fitbit will reportedly release a smaller and less expensive smartwatch later this year, according to Warable. Earlier this week the company confirmed to investors it’s assembling a fuller lineup for 2018, and this leak confirms that company could release more than one smartwatch to give consumers better choice.

The purpose of this smartwatch is to bring mass market appeal. With the Ionic, Fitbit is said to have alienated average consumers by offering features only health and wellness fanatics would pay a premium for. Also, the Ionic’s design came across as too industrial for women according to reports.

Leaked images reveal the upcoming entry-level smartwatch from every angle and in every color. While the company’s plans could still change, the design appears to be finalized.

Based on what we’ve been shown, it does seem like the design fits both men and women equally. Fitbit clearly reduced the overall size of the smartwatch while also rounding the corners. It comes across as a modern smartwatch.

Some features have been confirmed, and that includes water resistance up to 50 meters, so you can take this smartwatch for a swim. There’s also an SpO2 sensor capable of monitoring sleep.

What’s missing is a GPS. Because keeping costs low is very important here, the smartwatch won’t include a component to track your location.

Naming for this smartwatch remains up in the air, but it could be called the Blaze 2. Fitbit’s 2016 flagship didn’t perform well on the market which led to the creation of the Ionic. There’s reason to believe, however, that an entirely new name would be given since Fitbit wants to move on from past issues and focus on its latest software that’s received praise.

The report says Fitbit will make an announcement in the spring.

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