Fact check: Carly Fiorina misleads on HP and Iran

Carly Fiorina done several false, dubious and unsubstantiated claims in responding to questions about Hewlett-Packard’s impasse with a unfamiliar auxiliary that sole products in Iran.

• The former HP CEO claimed that a Securities and Exchange Commission review “proved that conjunction we nor anyone else in government knew about” a Hewlett-Packard auxiliary doing business in Iran. We have found no such statute from a SEC, nor could Fiorina’s debate yield one.

• She also claimed that a association that indeed sole HP products in Iran was “not honest” with HP about a dealings. But that association pronounced in a 2003 press recover that a attribute with HP had begun in 1997 to concentration on “one marketplace — Iran.”

• Fiorina pronounced “it’s unfit to safeguard that zero wrong ever happens” in such a vast company, that she pronounced had “a incomparable bill than any one of a 50 states.” That’s incorrect. California and New York had incomparable budgets in mercantile year 2005, that was Fiorina’s final with HP.

We can’t contend what Fiorina knew about an HP subsidiary’s exchange in Iran and when she knew it. But a association shielded a subsidiary’s sales to Iran in a 2009 minute to a SEC — 3 years after Fiorina had left a association — observant such sales by a unfamiliar auxiliary weren’t theme to a law ruling U.S. companies. There’s other justification suggesting that HP management, though not privately Fiorina, might have been wakeful of a arrangement several years before then.


United States sanctions opposite Iran, implemented in 1995signed an executive order

Fiorina, who was CEO of HP from Jul 1999 until Feb 2005, was asked on Fox News Sunday about a company’s exchange with Iran. Host Chris Wallace asked, “Are we observant we didn’t know about it?” To that Fiorina responded:

Fiorina, Sept. 20:

The SEC investigated really entirely and resolved that no one in government was aware.

We have found no justification that a SEC ever pronounced that “no one in government was aware.” In fact, HP’s response to questions from a SEC in 2009 indicated that government was aware.

In a March 12, 2009, minute to a SECFeb. 10, 2009, minute to HP

“We also are wakeful of Jan 2009 news reports observant that we acknowledge we have been wakeful of Redington Gulf’s sales of your products into Iran, and that we have now motionless that we will categorically demarcate Redington Gulf and your other distributors from offered your products into Iran,” a SEC wrote. The SEC had asked HP to report a business exchange with Iran, both approach and indirect.

Porrini’s response minute didn’t contend that HP government was unknowingly of an HP auxiliary offered products in Iran. Instead, it pronounced that “[d]uring a past several years,” Hewlett-Packard Europe B.V., a Dutch subsidiary, “has sole printers and associated tools and reserve to third-party distributors formed in a United Arab Emirates, including Redington Gulf,” that afterwards sole “a singular operation of those printer products and reserve for redistribution into Iran.”

HP pronounced that a sales were authorised underneath U.S. law. It argued that given a Dutch auxiliary wasn’t a U.S. company, a sales were not governed by U.S. regulations.

HP minute to a SEC, Mar 12, 2009:

The minute went on to contend that HP had “no knowledge” of any of a products being used by a troops in Iran, in response to a SEC’s doubt about either a association knew of any use of a products by a troops in Iran. HP concluded: “HP does not trust that a Iran Freedom Support Act of 2006 relates to a HP products redistributed into Iran.” The 2006 law

But, HP said, a Dutch bend had finished a agreement with Redington Gulf. And it pronounced that a 2008 sales of printers and printer reserve to Iran would have amounted to $120 million, or reduction than one-quarter of 1 percent of HP’s printer/print supply sales.

The SEC responded to that minute on Mar 30, 2009wrote

The SEC didn’t criticism on either HP government knew about a sales to Iran or not, and HP’s association indicates that a association clearly did know.

And there’s some-more justification that HP government might have been wakeful of a arrangement.

A Dec. 29, 2008, Boston Globe

The Globe

The paper had some-more evidence: It cited a 1999 essay in Gulf News

A week after a Globe article, a Associated Press reportedsaid

Associated Press, Jan. 9, 2009:

The association emphasized that it never shipped directly to Iran and doesn’t have any employees there.

In an Oct. 5, 2003, press release, Redington Gulf boasted that it had reached a miracle of carrying some-more than $100 million in shipments from HP for that year. The recover said: “The seeds of a Redington/Hewlett Packard attribute in a Middle East were sowed 6 years ago for one marketplace – Iran, and one product organisation – IPG [Imaging and Printing Group]. Today it boasts of covering a whole segment and opposite mixed product groups and support services.”

The press recover also includes a print credit line that says: “The government of Redington Gulf FZE and seniors from HP celebrating this miracle achievement.”

That year — that was during Fiorina’s time as CEO — HP named Redington Gulf “HP reserve wholesaler of a year” during a fourth annual “HP Middle East Business Partner Awards” luncheon, according to a press recover that was sent out over a Middle East Company News Wire on Oct. 22, 2003. Wallace asked Fiorina about that award, saying, “So, how can it be that they were doing all this business with Iran, we were job it a — HP was job it a Wholesaler of a Year and we didn’t know what was going on?”

Fiorina responded that Redington was “not honest” with HP.


And that’s since a exchange with this classification were cut off immediately. It is since a association cooperated with a SEC in a really consummate investigation. And it is since no charges were ever forsaken — were ever filed, since it became transparent that this third association was not honest or trustworthy. Neither was a other classification that they were doing business with.

But Redington was upfront about a business exchange in Iran. It pronounced in a press recover that was released before a wholesaler of a year endowment that a Redington/HP attribute had a roots in “one marketplace — Iran.”

And a “investigation” by a SEC — that was indeed a few letters between a SEC and HP — says zero about HP desiring that Redington Gulf was prejudiced or deceptive. As we’ve explained, HP shielded a actions of a wholesaler, observant that a sales to Iran weren’t governed by U.S. sanctions.

Fiorina also says that “dealings with this classification were cut off immediately,” though HP pronounced it would continue to do business with Redington Gulf, usually not in Iran. HP’s 2009 minute to a SEC pronounced that a Dutch auxiliary was terminating sales to distributors “insofar as they might engage redistribution of such printers and printer reserve into Iran. Redington Gulf will continue to be certified to sell HP products in certain other countries in a Middle East and Africa.” In fact, HP’s website

The 2008 GlobeGlobe

The sale of U.S. products in Iran by third-parties wasn’t singular to HP by any means. The GlobeNew York Timespublished in 2010

Again, nothing of this is explanation that Fiorina had any personal believe of a auxiliary of HP offered products in Iran. But Fiorina claimed that a SEC dynamic that HP government wasn’t wakeful of a situation, and we have found no justification that a SEC ever reached such a conclusion. Nor is it a reason HP gave to a SEC for being in correspondence with U.S. sanctions on doing business in Iran.

We have asked a Fiorina debate to yield a SEC matter to that she referred, though we have perceived no response. We will refurbish this essay if we do.


In responding to Wallace’s doubt on Fox News Sunday

In a mercantile year 2005, Fiorina’s final year with a company, HP reported sum handling losses of $83.2 billion, according to a annual report

• Fiorina’s home state of California had a $105.4 billion budget, according to a California Department of Financeused his halt power

• New York enacted a 2004-05 bill that totaled $101.2 billion, according to a Office of State Comptrollervetoed $235 million

Campaign mouthpiece Anna Epstein told us Fiorina was referring usually to “general income funds,” that would bar sovereign assist and other sources of revenue. The New York budget, for example, enclosed $36.8 billion in sovereign grants and $16.3 billion in “miscellaneous receipts,” such as $274 million in lottery revenue.

But Fiorina didn’t contend “general income funds.” She pronounced “budget,” that would embody all income and expenditures.

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