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Wedding Crashers 2 Prospects Feel Really Good Says Vince Vaughn

  • October 28, 2020

Vince Vaughn has provided fans with a promising Wedding Crashers 2 update. The original movie stars Vaughn alongside Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Bradley Cooper, Christopher Walken, and Isla Fisher. It has been praised as one of the best comedies of the past 20 years, so talk of a sequel was to be expected over the years. In an interview from over the summer, Ferrell was asked about the sequel and responded by stating, “Wedding Crashers 2, yeah. I think we can just say it’s being written.”

Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin has stated many times that they do not have a script for the sequel at this time. However, he has revealed that he does have an idea for Wedding Crashers 2 that would see Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson back in their late 40s. It’s an idea that he has been working on, and apparently Vaughn likes it a lot. He had this to say.

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“David Dobkin had a really good idea that’s contemporary. I never went and made a sequel to a lot of these films at the time because it felt like we were just chasing a success. But what I like about where Crashers could potentially be at is [that] there’s something that is of this moment that feels really good… a lot of these comedies, even something like Wedding Crashers, you’re sort of investigating things that I think are real in our lives, but the comedy is an overcommitment to the absurd.”

Vince Vaughn did not go into Wedding Crashers 2 story details, but David Dobkin has previously stated that the story could explore “what it’d be like for guys in their late 40s who end up being single again and have to go back out in the world. What a weird, difficult, challenging story that is.” The director continued, “And as long as there’s a real story in the middle of it, to me, it can be a movie.” It appears that Dobkin may have stumbled on to the “real” story aspect of the sequel.

David Dobkin made his Wedding Crashers 2 comments back in June of this year. At that time, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn had yet to read his treatment. Vaughn has read the story, though it’s unclear if Wilson has yet. “So we’ll see. We started noodling on it a while ago… But there’s no rush to go make that movie,” said Dobkin. Vaughn has not participated in too many sequels, though many of his comedies could have probably made a lot of money at the box office with a follow up.

Vince Vaughn is currently getting ready to release Freaky, which is directed by Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day). The movie is an update and clever take on the Freaky Friday formula, where a high school girl (Kathryn Newton) changes bodies with a serial killer (Vaughn). The movie will open in select theaters on November 13th. The interview with Vince Vaughn was originally conducted by CinemaBlend.

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