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We can’t control everything, but we can do this

  • July 28, 2021

read more, including signs to look out for.

Today’s reads

  • Megan Fox, Christina Haack and more stars are praising psychedelics. Here’s what medical experts want you to know
  • Have we been thinking about ‘sex drive’ all wrong? My colleague Alia E. Dastagir talked to sex educators to get to the bottom of it
  • Beware: All that extra screen time may be causing eye issues in kids
  • These are the best U.S. mountain resorts for summer getaways
  • Chicken lovers rejoice: Popeyes chicken nuggets are here, plus where to find deals for Chicken Tender Day Tuesday and Wing Day Thursday

Today’s pet

Meet Sophie.

Linda Peterson shared that she adopted this baby four months ago.

“She is everything good that a senior dog owner could imagine… completely house-trained and totally loving! Best thing I’ve ever done was to adopt!” Linda added.

‘Being transgender is not a medical condition’:The meaning of trans broken arm syndrome

More:Simone Biles, Ginny Fuchs and more Olympians talk about prioritizing mental health

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