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Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond will be co-starring with her look-alike sister Betsy

  • June 25, 2022

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond, 53, will be co-starring with her look-alike sister Betsy, 47, on a show about renovating a guest house in Oklahoma




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Ree Drummond, 53, and her sister Betsy Smith, 47,have been cooking up a new project; they will be renovating a guest house in Ree’s hometown, Pawhuska, Oklahoma. 

The Food Network star shared the details behind the idea on her blog this week.

According to Ree, Betsy, who lives in Seattle, was unable to come for visits during the early days of the pandemic, and when she was finally able to travel safely, she started to come back again and again. 

Sister House: Ree Drummond, 53, and her sister Betsy Smith, have been cooking up a new project. They are renovating a guest house in Ree’s hometown, Pawhuska, Oklahoma, calling it Sister House

That’s when the two decided Betsy, and her son, Elliot, needed a home away from home.

So they bought a house near the best selling cookbook author’s explaining, ‘It’ll double as an extra place in town for friends and family (and film crews!) to stay as needed.’

The siblings have also given the house a name. ‘Over time we just started calling it “Sister House”.’ 

The pair worked with local designer Cortney McClure to get the details they wanted for the guest house.  

Home: The pair made the decision to take on the project after Betsy, who lives in Seattle with her son, made multiple trips to Oklahoma after being separated from family during the early days of the pandemic 

Details of the redo include changing a coat closet into a new doorway to the kitchen, with the award winning blogger writing, ‘This is the entrance to the house, and it’s especially fun because this is a new doorway that wasn’t there before!

‘It was previously a coat closet, but we busted through and made this a walkway to the kitchen. There’s so much more light than there was before!’

There is a new rail on the staircase, with the home chef explaining the new choice as, ‘We had to replace the stair railing and went with the traditional look… we wanted to keep it homey and traditional.’

Changes: The pair are looking for ideas about a ‘neat color’ to paint the front door. They also replaced the railing on the stairs to something more traditional 

A new living room too: They put up shelves next to the brick and showed off the new floors

Under the stairs, they decided to renovate what was described as an ‘awkward place,’ to ‘shelves for cookbooks and things.’  

So chic! They used light gray tiles and white cabinets for the bathroom

One of their favorite rooms contains a mixture of old and new in the upstairs study.

They kept the old plaid carpet and freshened the room up with some dark paint, calling it a ‘great place to hang and watch old 80’s movies!’

Not everything is quite finished and Ree and crew are looking for ideas from her readers as to a ‘neat color’ to paint the front door.  

A nice place to cook up some meals: And the kitchen looked like it was going to be roomy

Remix: An ‘awkward place’ under the stair was turned into shelves. They kept the plaid carpet in the upstairs study and painted the walls a dark navy blue for an updated look

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