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Is it a ‘no bones’ day? Here’s what that means.

  • October 23, 2021

Is it a bones or no-bones day?

For those who don’t frequent TikTok, you may not know what that means. But the viral phenomenon for deciding how the day is going to go is sweeping the Internet.

In recent weeks, millions of TikTok users have flocked to an account run by Jonathan Graziano to find out if his supposedly psychic pug Noodle has bones. Yes, you read that correctly, but my colleague Charles Trepany explains further

Every morning, the New York City resident shares what mood his 13-year-old dog is in by propping him up and seeing if Noodle remains standing (bones), or flops down like, well, a noodle (no bones).

If Noodle stays upright, then congratulations! It’s a bones day! These are lucky days for taking risks and treating yourself. But if Noodle collapses, then it’s a no-bones day, a sign it’s best to take it easy.

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Is it a COVID fight or a bigger problem?

With heated debates about social distancing, masks and vaccines, the pandemic has created significant opportunities for disagreement among family and friends – and for some, that conflict around COVID remains.

Sara Kuburic, the Millennial Therapist, says that the tension is partly a result of the prolonged sense of threat and uncertainty.

And although every situation and relationship is unique, she rounded up some reasons why you may still be experiencing problems with loved ones. (Hint: In many cases, these tensions are about a lot more than just COVID.)

Pent up issues

Frustration and disagreement around the best way to navigate the pandemic are common, but for some people these arguments have created an opportunity to release pent-up emotions. COVID has acted as a pretense to release their pain or anger that may be completely unrelated to the pandemic.

New conflicts

The pandemic has introduced many new topics into daily conversations: ethics, human rights, duty, responsibility, freedom and values.

For some people, these conversations have shed light on the differences in views and beliefs between them and their family members. The conversations may start around COVID, but the divisions can remain because the involved parties may not know how to reconcile differences in belief within a single family structure.

Lack of space

Being confined with one another and not having sufficient personal space can make anyone feel stifled. If individuals struggle to ask for space, they may unknowingly (or knowingly) start a fight in order to get distance.

Click here to read Sara’s full column.

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Today’s pet

Meet Zoe.

This 6-year-old Shitzu/Chihuahua mix came into reader Lee Whitaker’s life two months ago because her previous family had too many other obligations to keep her.

“I have always had a little girl dog, until my last one passed away four years ago…Zoe has filled a big hole in my heart!,” Lee writes. “She also gets along with her ‘big brothers.'” (Pictured below!)

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