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How long to boil corn on the cob? Your guide to perfectly-cooked corn.

  • August 12, 2022

Whether you enjoy it fresh off the cob with butter or in a salad or salsa, corn is a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, according to Healthline. 

The only thing thing that can be tedious is its preparation. Over-boiling your corn can make it mushy and less appetizing. So, the process of having to pick, shuck and boil your corn could convince anyone it is a safer bet to buy it frozen and pop it in the microwave instead. 

But, there is nothing quite like fresh, sweet corn. To avoid any missteps, here is a guide on how long you should boil corn on the cob. 

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How long to boil corn on the cob in the husk?

(10 minutes)

How long you should boil your corn depends on how you have prepared it.

According to Healthline, fresh corn with the husk on will take about 10 minutes to boil. To cook, let the corn boil in the water for 10 minutes and wait to cool before removing the husk. It may be easier to shuck the cooked cob rather than an uncooked one, says Healthline. 

How long to boil husked corn on the cob?

(2-5 minutes)

If your corn is already husked, meaning its husk has been removed, it should take anywhere between two to five minutes to boil. The boiling time depends on the freshness and sweetness of the corn, says Healthline. A rule of thumb is to wait for the kernels to become bright yellow and tender, according to Food Network. 

Frozen cobs of corn take longer to boil, needing between five to eight minutes of cook time, says Healthline. 

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Can you over-boil corn?

Yes, it is possible to over-boil corn. Overcooking your corn can result in chewy, or even firm kernels, according to 

Be sure to keep an eye on your corn while boiling it to prevent overcooking. 

How do you know when corn on the cob is done?

The best indicator for when corn on the cob is done is its color, says A fully cooked corn on the cob will be bright yellow, as the color’s intensity denotes doneness. 

The kernels will also be plump and tender. You can check this by taking a knife and testing the cob. 

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