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Back to the Future Is Celebrating Its 35th Anniversary Today

  • July 04, 2020

On this day in cinematic history 35 years ago, Back to The Future hit theaters. While there are plenty of movies worth celebrating when an anniversary comes around, this is near the top of the mountain when it comes to truly timeless and beloved cinematic classics. With that, it’s not surprising to discover that director Robert Zemeckis’ blockbuster began trending on Twitter as movie lovers shared their love for the movie all these years later.

Leslie Zemeckis, documentary filmmaker, model and wife of Robert Zemeckis, tweeted a brief video celebrating the anniversary. Legendary poster artist Drew Struzan also shared an image of an ad from a newspaper that features the now-iconic one-sheet for the movie. Star Lea Thompson, who plays Lorraine, shared a timely image that makes a joke about the rough year 2020 has been, comparing her character from the first movie and Back to the Future II. Thompson shared the image with a sincere caption.

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“Happy 35th birthday #BackToTheFuture! I am so grateful to have been part of so many people’s lives.”

The movie proved to be a tremendous hit in its day. It grossed a staggering $381 million at the global box office. The time-traveling tale of Doc Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, and Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, resonated in a way few movies ever have before or since. The official Back to the Future Twitter account celebrated the occasion with the following message.

“Today in Hill Valley History: Back to the Future opened in 1,420 theaters across the U.S. on its way to becoming the biggest film of 1985!”

Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III were released in 1989 and 1990 respectively. The sequels have earned plenty of love over the years, but they simply can’t match the magic of the original. The Amblin Road Twitter account posted some images from the version of the movie that featured Eric Stoltz. For those who may not know, Stoltz was originally cast in the role of Marty McFly before being fired from the project well into production. Michael J. Fox was brought in to replace him and the rest is, as they say, history. The images of Stoltz were shared with the following caption.

“In an alternate 1985 timeline, this is the version of Back to the Future that is celebrating 35 years today. Do you hope we will get to see the Eric Stoltz Cut one day?”

There has been some talk of Back to the Future 4 over the years, but nothing has ever materialized. We also recently learned from Tom Holland that discussions of a remake/reboot took place at some level. Luckily, it sounds like he has no interest in messing with history. We will be getting a Transformers Back to the Future crossover soon, so that will have to suffice. Rarely can a movie claim itself as perfect but Back to the Future is probably as close as it gets. You can check out some of the collected Twitter posts below.

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