Coca-Cola will revive New Coke thanks to Stranger Things

If you never got the chance to try New Coke, you’re in luck: Coca-Cola plans release about 500,000 cans of New Coke early next month. The move is part of a promotional tie-in with the third season of Stranger Things, which is set to hit Netflix on July 4.

“This is uncharted territory for us,” said Geoff Cottrill, senior Vice President of strategic marketing for Coca-Cola North America. “We want to look for ways to work with Netflix, but only in ways that don’t interrupt consumers, and don’t get in the way of the entertainment.”

The promotion has apparently been in the works for over 18 months, according to Barry Smyth, head of global partnership marketing at Netflix. The streaming service reached out to Coca-Cola after learning Stranger Things would incorporate New Coke in its third season, which takes place in 1985, the same year the drink was released.

New Coke only lasted on store shelves for 79 days before Coca-Cola brought back the old formula. New Coke introduced consumers to a sweeter taste, similar to Pepsi, but many people rebuffed the new formula, forcing Coca-Cola to bring the original formula back.

In addition to making about 500,000 cans of New Coke available the week of June 3, Coca-Cola will also introduce limited-edition Coke packages with Stranger Things designs.

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