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Paul bashes opponents on ‘Festivus’

  • December 23, 2015

Rand Paul has a lot to get off his chest two days before Christmas — the day of “Festivus,” the parody holiday that calls for the “airing of grievances.”

And does Paul ever.

The Kentucky senator, far behind in most Republican polls, took to TwitterSeinfeld

“After the debates, @realDonaldTrump always trying to give us parting gifts of his made in China ties,” Paul tweeted at one point. “Weird. #Festivus.”

Throughout the morning, Paul attacked Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth, Marco Rubio’s Senate absenteeism, Ben Carson’s low voice, Jeb Bush’s debating style, Bernie Sanders’ political philosophy, and Clinton’s highly publicized restroom break during a recent Democratic debate.

“@CarlyFiorina has ZERO trouble making it back from commercial breaks @HillaryClinton. Just saying. #Festivus #waronwomensrooms,” said one Paul tweet.

Other Festivus grievances from Paul:

— “My friend @tedcruz has still not pledged to issue exec order declaring Canadian “bacon” is not real bacon. Makes me suspicious.”

— “I have no grievances against my fellow doc @RealBenCarson because I have not heard a word he has said in any debate.”

—  “To my absentee friend @marcorubio, I didn’t put your $170k+ salary in my waste report today. But I could have.”

—  “To my comrade @SenSanders: Unless you’re Santa Claus, Socialism runs out of other people’s money.”

— “@JebBush is always trying to change the debate rules to allow extra time for awkward pauses in answers. Not gonna happen.”

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