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OnPolitics Today: The summit is greater than its parts

  • June 12, 2018

It’s yet another primary Tuesday, OP friends. The states to keep an eye on tonight: Nevada, Maine, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia.

There are two open races for governor, a sitting governor facing primary challengers and a handful of House seats that, come November, Democrats think they’ve got a chance to take — just as long as they get the right candidate Tuesday.

We’ll have updates all night long, so keep up, get your friends to subscribe and let’s get to it.

Summit says

Ah, the Trump-Kim summit has come and gone, and as our friends at the Short List said, they’ll always have Singapore.

So, what actually happened? A handshake. A bunch of photo ops. Promises of denuclearization from North Korea and ending military exercises from the United States. A statement that didn’t really specify how any of that was going to be done. A hint of a future White House visit. It’s all a far cry from the “fire and fury” Trump threatened to rain down upon North Korea less than a year ago.

As USA TODAY’s Susan Page writes, “It was one more sign of how Trump is rewriting long-standing fundamentals of American foreign policy. He described Kim, a despotic adversary, as a ‘talented’ leader who could be trusted. That came just days after he blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a democratic ally, as ‘weak’ and ‘dishonest’ after a combative Group of Seven economic summit.”

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