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Obama help comes tighten to presaging Clinton presidency

  • March 21, 2015

Josh Earnest (Associated Press)

Josh Earnest (AP)

White House press secretary Josh Earnest paid reverence to a vacating co-worker on Friday and during a same time came tighten to presaging a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency

The theme was effusive White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, who is leaving a Obama administration

Palmieri “is somebody who has warranted a honour and indebtedness of so many people here during a White House,” Earnest said, after adding:  “I’m assured that she has a unequivocally splendid veteran future, and we cruise it’s probable that, while currently is her final day in this White House, it might not be a final time that she serves during a White House.”

The ever-attentive White House press corps picked adult on that final remark. One contributor wondered whether Earnest was promulgation a vigilance that Obama people are already welcoming a awaiting of a Clinton win in 2016.

“The usually vigilance that we was perplexing to send is my clever support for and love for Jen Palmieri,” Earnest said. “That’s unequivocally it.”

Another contributor remarkable that during slightest 3 Obama administration officials are approaching to work for a Clinton debate in high-level positions. Might we see an Obama publicity of Clinton as Democrats ready to cruise their 2016 nominee?

Earnest pronounced “there’s no doubt that a boss wishes both Jen Palmieri and Secretary Clinton good in a future,” though it’s too early to contend either Obama will import in on a Democratic primaries.

“I wouldn’t order it out, during this point,” Earnest said. “But see — prolonged approach compartment a Democratic convention.”

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