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#NotMyAbuela: Twitter users ridicule Clinton post directed during Hispanic voters

  • December 23, 2015

The Clinton campaign’s latest bid to strech out to Hispanic voters has struck many Twitter users as pandering and insincere.

A post on a Democratic front-runner’s debate website patrician “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela

Citing ways Clinton, who recently learned her second grandchild is on a way, “is only like your grandmother,” a post includes a GIF showing how Clinton handles those who “le faltan el respeto,” or “disrespect her”:

And an picture of her with Marc Anthony captioned, “Everybody loves abuela—even this guy”; and another GIF saying Clinton has one word for Donald Trump: “‘¡Basta!’ Enough.”

In all, a post includes about a half dozen Spanish words.

Some were annoyed since Clinton had not endured a same hardships as their grandmothers:

Others indicted Clinton of “Hispandering”:

And there were those who thought a post lacked authenticity:

So, this one competence have backfired, though it’s puzzled many Latino electorate will be driven divided by a post — quite if Trump is her competition subsequent November.

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