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‘Barack’ and ‘Matteo’: The Italian connection

  • April 18, 2015

Just a integrate of guys unresolved out during a White House, articulate about Italian wine, food, art, and a hazard of a Islamic State.

President Obama and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi seemed to get along famously Friday, praising any other on a first-name basement during a White House news conference.

“I brought a few bottles of booze to Barack since we know that he’s a good expert,” Renzi teased to reporters during one point.

A smiling Obama greeted a booze proclamation by observant “I felt it would be scornful for me not to representation it, and to settle a clever blurb holds between a United States of America when it comes to Tuscan wine.

“So we will give you, Matteo, a news on either it’s adult to a peculiarity that we expect,” a boss told his guest.

The dual leaders also connected on an feeling that unites many politicians: Frustration with a press.

When an Italian contributor done a multi-part exploration of Renzi, a primary apportion carped, “three questions in one, we only asked! Three questions in one!”

Obama nodded in commiseration, revelation Renzi that a Italian publisher contingency have schooled a tactic from his American counterparts. (Indeed, Obama after dealt with a five-part doubt from a U.S. scribe.)

The American boss done during slightest 13 references to “Matteo”; a Italian personality referred to “Barack” during slightest twice.

The news discussion followed an Oval Office assembly in that Obama and Renzi discussed a Iran chief deal, Russian charge in Ukraine, a polite quarrel in Libya, and a Islamic State, that has done approach threats opposite a Italian homeland.

Obama and a Italian primary apportion also discussed mercantile problems in Europe and a due trade understanding involving European nations, a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The dual leaders finished a East Room news discussion with a ’70s-style essence shake.

As John Singer Sargent’s mural of Theodore Roosevelt looked down on them, Obama and Renzi also gave informative props to any other’s country.

Renzi, observant that he was going to shortly debate an Italian Renaissance vaunt during a National Gallery, spoke of “this good alliance, guided by a United States, that is a anxiety indicate not only for a choices, though for a ideals, a informative conflict that all of have to fight.”

For his part, Obama said, “I’m not propitious adequate to have any Italian stock — though we cruise myself an titular Italian since we adore all things Italian.”

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