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Canadian, American scientists group adult to try low sea building off Nova Scotia

  • August 26, 2019

An American low sea investigate vessel departs Halifax currently on a “voyage of discovery” that will send cameras and other instruments into 6 deepwater sea canyons and channels off Nova Scotia.

Starting Tuesday, a 68-metre prolonged Okeanos Explorer is scheduled to start streaming a initial images ever seen of a seafloor it surveys — during inlet from 300 metres to 2½ kilometres from a sea surface.

The goal to try Atlantic seamounts and canyons of Canada and a United States is partial of an general agreement to investigate a North Atlantic.

“We’re unequivocally excited,” pronounced Canadian scientist Lindsay Beazley, who studies bottom-dwelling sponges and corals for a Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Lindsay Beazley will yield explanation from a deepwater dives. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

“We’re going to get to try areas that we have never surveyed before in abyss ranges that we don’t have a ability to consult with a possess apparatus here during DFO.”

Live explanation from BIO

Beazley will assistance approach a dives and provide live explanation on a streaming video from an scrutiny authority centre set adult during a Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth, N.S.

She pronounced she doesn’t know what to expect.

“That’s a beauty of this mission,” she said. “We don’t know. It will be a initial time we’ve surveyed this area.”

The boat is operated by a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA.

“We’re ocean-exploration driven, that means we’re here to make discoveries and to unequivocally beget questions on where these things are and what those things are in their geographic extent,” pronounced Mike White of NOAA’s bureau of sea scrutiny and research.

Day and night missions

During a day, remotely operated cameras will send behind images of a seafloor.

Those will embody a unexplored bottom of a eastern side of The Gully, a vast underwater ravine nearby Sable Island. It is Canada’s initial sea stable area.

This map shows a priority areas for and mapping operations to be conducted during a Deep Connections 2019 expedition, overlaid onto existent mapping information in a region. (NOAA)

At night, instruments will magnitude sea inlet and map, consult and representation geologic features.

“Understanding how these class are geographically distributed, bargain how these seafloor facilities describe to any other, their similarities or differences gives us a improved bargain of a whole North Atlantic as a whole system,” White said.

How we can watch

The journey will muster two vehicles on illumination dives and send behind images from 3 cameras.

It takes a while to get to a bottom. Midday might be a best viewing.

The Museum of Natural History in Halifax will shade a livestream from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Thursday. That’s when a Okeanos Explorer is scheduled to be over The Gully.

Next week, a boat is scheduled to be off southwestern Nova Scotia contemplating other poignant areas.

Mission objectives

The journey is examining feeble accepted deepwater bottom where a continental shelf plunges into a depths.

In further to collecting information on sea life, geological facilities and a H2O column, scientists also wish to brand sea birthright sites, like shipwrecks.

Earlier this summer, a Okeanos Explorer tested record constructed by an Atlantic Canadian association that can do only that when it cruised deepwater from Virginia to Massachusetts.

Ship tests Atlantic Canada sea mapping tech

During that goal it tested modernized sea mapping record grown by Kraken Robotics, a manufacturer of sonar and laser imaging inclination means of producing rarely minute images of a sea floor.

Two of a products were among 5 tested in a NOAA record demonstration.

Kraken sonar and scanners deployed by a Okeanos Explorer suggested shipwrecks in implausible detail.

“I consider we were means to uncover that this arrange of record is positively something that can urge a bargain quite of sea birthright resources on a seafloor, though also things like intent detection,” pronounced White.

Karl Kenny is a boss of Kraken Robotics. (Craig Paisley/CBC)

Kraken boss Karl Kenny says a proof was a large understanding for a company. The company will not be on house this leg of a mission, that is scheduled from Aug. 26-Sept. 15.


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