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Brooklyn’s GIBBZ Has Come To Dance, Whether You Want To Or Not

  • January 15, 2017

Some of your fans might not be familiar with the fact that you’ve been in this game for quite some time working behind the scenes. On some of your earliest dates as a performer, you were still running the soundboard for all the acts you opened for. Tell me what it was like to put all your energy into a big set, just to run back to the soundboard right afterward and get to work.
Being able to play was a bit like a reward for me. A treat. I could step out of the shoes of the tour manager [or] engineer and, for a few moments, not be the babysitter. I could think about myself and what I was doing instead of everyone else I was responsible for [on tour]. There were times, as I would sing and then rush back to the soundboard, that people would want me to stop and talk to them. I couldn’t, and I felt really bad about it. The quick “K THANKS, SEEYA,” was impersonal, but necessary for me to do my main job.

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