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BC Ferries installs thermal imaging cameras to guard threatened whales

  • August 26, 2019

B.C. scientists are perplexing to get a improved look at one of a South Coast’s many threatened sea mammals using thermal imaging cameras commissioned off Galiano Island, B.C. 

The cameras were commissioned during a Sturdies Bay terminal in June and are partial of a year-long commander plan directed during improving showing of southern proprietor torpedo whales in a heavily trafficked Salish Sea.

In a created statement, BC Ferries pronounced sovereign scientists are perplexing to establish if a use of thermal imagery together with visible and acoustic surveillance is a arguable approach to detect whales in a Salish Sea that is used by commercial ships and supports several passenger packet routes

The cameras are means to “see” whales by detecting heat differences between sea mammals, ships and a surrounding water, even during night.

An oil tanker anchors during a confine to a Trans Mountain tube in Burnaby, B.C. (Chris Corday/CBC)

Hydrophones monitor noise

Monitoring of sea life is not new. 

In Nov final year, a sovereign ride method commissioned hydrophones at Boundary Pass nearby Saturna Island, also with a idea of monitoring a whales’ medium to urge torpedo whale sport and participation outcomes.

The hydrophones were commissioned privately to detect sound levels a whales are subjected to by flitting ships.

According to BC Ferries, if a new thermal imaging cameras are successful, they could warning ships to a participation of the involved internal orcas in slight shipping lanes and could help pilots make real-time decisions to delayed down or equivocate areas when whales are present.

BC Ferries has taken partial in the Port of Vancouver Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation (ECHO) module given 2014. The ECHO module aims to improved know and conduct a impact of shipping activities on at-risk whales in a region.

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