Rare Albino Dolphin Sighting Caught On Video

An arrow indicating to a dolphin as it appears in a video.
An arrow indicating to a dolphin as it appears in a video.

Scientists are job a new sighting of what appears to be an albino dolphin off a Florida seashore “very rare,” and for good reason. It’s usually the 15th such sighting to have been reported to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Danielle Carter, a proffer with a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, speckled a bottlenose dolphin in a Indian River Lagoon

The commission uploaded video of a sighting to YouTubeYouTube commenter

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The dolphin as it appears during 56 seconds into a video.

In a video, a dolphin is seen swimming nearby seaside in shoal water, function typically seen when dolphins are sport a fish on that they feed. Blair Mase, a marine reptile stranding coordinator with NOAA

“This could be a transitory animal entrance in from somewhere else, only unresolved around for a small bit, or it could be a resident,” Mase told Live Science. “My camber is that it’s a transitory animal from another area, only since Indian [River] Lagoon is so good studied, and we hadn’t had a news of this animal prior.”

Mase combined that while a dolphin positively appears white in a video, it’s formidable to endorse that it is truly an albino. Albinism is compared with a genetic turn that formula in a miss of pigmentation

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