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Police Fatally Shoot Shirtless Bank Robbery Suspect On Video

  • December 07, 2015

Miami Beach military fatally shot a male suspected of holding adult a bank Saturday in a striking confront that was held on camera.

Police contend a male walked into a Bank of America bend around 10:30 a.m. that morning and upheld a note to a teller saying he had a bomb. 

“My bargain is that he did not get any proceeds,” Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates told reporters in a press discussion Saturday. “He did not get any money.”

After a male left a bank empty-handed, military found him during a barbershop a retard divided from a bank and he “remained there for a duration of time,” Oates said. 

 When a male emerged, he had private his shirt and was holding a true razor, a military arch said.

“He was challenged by a officers in a street, and during some indicate during that confrontation, he lifted his palm with a true edged razor in it and he was shot,” Oates said.

In a striking and unfortunate video taken opposite a travel from a incident, a male can be seen surrounded by during slightest 4 military officers. They pronounce to him for about dual mins before a male is shot and falls backwards.

Oates pronounced an officer dismissed dual shots.

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