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Judge Tosses Lawsuit Against ‘Muslim-Free’ Gun Store In Florida

  • December 01, 2015


A sovereign decider discharged a taste box filed opposite a Florida gun store that announced itself a Muslim-free zone. 

The suit, filed in Jul by a Florida section of a Council on American-Islamic RelationsFlorida Gun Supply

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom discharged a box final week.

There are simply no contribution education a avowal that Plaintiff and/or one of a voters will be harmed

Store owners Andy Hallinan criminialized Muslims from his store in Jul after Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez allegedly killed 4 Marines and a Navy soldier and harmed several others

CAIR filed fit shortly afterward. 

“The usually reason they filed this was to keep income entrance from their supporters and to keep their organisation in a headlines,” Hallinan told a Washington Post. “It backfired and they demeanour like idiots now

However, a classification pronounced a statute is indeed a warning for Hallinan. 

“The decider simply pronounced that we didn’t have station because nobody from a classification indeed went and got use denied

Hallinan appears to be adhering to his guns. 

We’re not offered Barbie dolls here, we’re offered firearms

Hallinan told a Post that a Muslim could “in theory” buy a gun from him, though usually if he was assured a chairman didn’t trust in a verbatim interpretation of a Koran.

“We get to know any and each one of a customers,” Hallinan told a paper. “If a hair on a behind of a neck raises for any chairman – regardless of their competition or sacrament or anything else – we will not sell to them.”

In a video, Hallinan showed off some new merchandise, including a sharpened aim that facilities a picture of a skeleton with a brave and turban, holding an attack weapon. He’s also offered fender stickers that contend “MFZ” for Muslim-Free Zone.


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