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‘Florida Man’ Explains America’s Strangest State

  • December 19, 2015


Florida’s purpose as a pivotal pitch state also can’t be overlooked. 

“It’s a bit of a vigour cooker where we have a distant right and distant left,” Dunne said. “I was repelled when they voted down medical marijuana.”

Nevertheless, pills are prevalent.

“It has permeated each bit of multitude there,” pronounced Dunne, whose many obvious film is “Oxyana,”

“One man went on and on about all a good things about Florida, yet afterwards mentioned a tablet problem.”

Dunne’s film was expelled online in February. Even yet “Florida Man” is a renouned hunt term, he admits being astounded by a greeting to his film.

“We’re blown away,” he said. “This film is initial and a 50 mins long. We weren’t certain if people would watch a film that long, yet some-more people are examination a whole thing than a trailer — that amazes me!”

Dunne attributes a recognition to a fact that a quotes from his talk subjects are “beautiful communication from an astonishing source.” 


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