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Cops, Social Workers Are Joining Forces To Help Homeless People Get Off The Streets

  • March 13, 2015

Laurie-Anne Walton was hired by a military dialect of Hollywood, Florida, final year to keep a sharp eye on her community.

But Walton — dressed in a light blue polo shirt and carrying a clipboard with paperwork — isn’t an officer of a law. She’s a amicable workman focused on curbing homelessness.

Walton and her military officer colleagues are partial of a nationwide trend addressing homelessness

Walton, for example, teams adult with a military officer to control outreach; building relations and trust with those she’s aiming to help.

“I get out there and meet people face-to-face

Research suggests active rendezvous of homeless people — as against to watchful for them to entrance assistance exclusively — works. A 2010 investigate published in The Open Health Services and Policy Journal that examined commentary on how overdo operates and a efficacy resolved that “outreach improves housing and health outcomes for several subgroups of homeless persons.”

In New York City — that is now experiencing record-high levels of homelessness30 percent

“We’ve increasing a chain into transitory housing tenfold,” Danielle Minelli-Pagnotta, partner commissioner of a city’s Department of Homeless Services, told a outlet. “And we see that as a huge denote a efforts are working

Social workers yield a transparent advantage over military officers in terms of joining homeless people with services, according to Walton, since cops don’t have a resources

The military arch that hired Walton, Frank Fernandez, agreed: A amicable workman can do a improved pursuit during fighting homelessness than a cop.

“I wanted an consultant in that margin to support us with this ongoing issue,” he told a Sun-Sentinel. “Law coercion is not versed for long-term resolutions. Laurie-Anne does that for us. She provides a follow through

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