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Bear Eats 20 Pounds Of Dog Food, Promptly Dozes Off

  • July 21, 2015


Have we ever had one of those dishes that was so big, we knew we had small mins to gangling between dropping a flare and descending asleep?

One black bear enjoyed such a meal, sans fork, this past weekend. The animal snuck into a garage in Seminole County, Florida, and stole a vast bag of dog food. After boring a bag to a untrustworthy spot, a bear ate about 20 pounds of kibble.

You can theory what happened next.  

After rolling around to get comfortable, a bear laid on a behind defunct for about a half hour, according to Bob Cross, who took a photos. Cross runs a bother wildlife dismissal association called Critter Capture Services and was called to a stage by a homeowner. 

“It was unimaginable that that bear was so relaxed,” he told WPBF 25 News in a video

Neighbor Art Fischer grabbed a remaining dog food and hid it in his garage

Scroll down for photos:Bob CrossShare on Pinterest

A black bear fell defunct in a yard in Seminole County, Florida, after hidden and eating about 20 pounds of dog food from a circuitously garage.

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