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Accused Walmart Burglar Wanted To Be A ‘Mystery Shopper’

  • December 30, 2015

Suspected criminal Alexander Weigard says he had a good reason for rummaging around a manager’s bureau during a Florida Walmart Sunday during 2:30 a.m. Sunday. He wanted a pursuit as a “mystery shopper

Delray Beach military contend a 20-year-old put on a hoodie and sweatsuit over his travel garments after entering a store. He walked into a bureau and pressed a rubbish bag with an XBox One

Authorities contend Weigard was in possession of a loaded handgun, a tiny bag of heroin,

Weigard, however, maintains that he entered a manager’s bureau to request for a poser shopper gig since “it seemed like a cold job,” according to a Florida Sun-Sentinel.

A “mystery shopper” is a chairman hired by a manufacturer or tradesman to poise as a patron in sequence to weigh a peculiarity of service.

Weigard explained to cops that he pulled on a hoodie and sweatpants since his possess garments were dirty.  The pills were for feet pain. And a gun he got from a man during Dunkin’ Donuts, according to a military news cited by a paper. 

The think faces charges of burglary, grand theft, carrying a secluded weapon, and drug possession. He stays during a Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of a $32,000 bond.

The military news did not discuss either Weigard ever incited in a pursuit application.

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