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7 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Yoga Mat

  • May 03, 2015

yoga mats

So you’ve motionless to join a 21 million adults in a U.S. who use yoga

Upon consulting a few yoga instructors, we got some discernment into what everybody should know before selling a yoga mat. Here are some tips.

Go for

“One pretence we use with new mats that trip is chalk, or we hurl them on a petrify outward to get absolved of that sleazy aspect of a inexperienced mat,” she told HuffPost.

If you’re new to yoga, make certain your pad is padded adequate …

“For code new yogis, it’s critical to have a some-more padded pad to that can solemnly build corner and flesh strength and assistance forestall injury,” Athanassakis said. “I used a groundless pad for a duration and my wrist unequivocally worried me from inversions.”

Her suggestions for starter mats? The eKO MandukaJade matsLululemon’s “the mat.”

yoga mats

… But exam out a froth situation.

Keep toxins in mind.YOGA IS

Keep it light.eKO Lite Mat

Don’t be fearful to spend a few additional dollars.

“You can trust Manduka in terms of cost for longevity,” New York-based instructor Elena Brower adds. “Those mats final forever.”


Choose a fun mat.

“I go for a fun color,” Bryant-Cunha said. “Jade yoga mats come in a accumulation of pleasing colors.”

Who’s prepared to go pad shopping?

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