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Why Isn’t Everyone Talking About The Marshall Islands?

  • April 28, 2015


About median between Hawaii and Australia, in a Pacific Ocean’s comfortable blue waters, lies one of a world’s best kept secrets.

Comprised of 29 atolls and 5 removed islands, a Marshall Islands are slivers of white silt beaches and sensuous immature vegetation, serenely stable by light blue lagoons and abounding coral reefs.

The Republic of a Marshall IslandsGilbert and Marshall Islands campaign“explosive,” industry-changing design

But many brave travelers in hunt of bliss have never even listened about a Marshall Islands, even yet they’re undeveloped, Robinson Crusoe-style perfection.

Thankfully, Hawaii-based photographer Jake Marote recently trafficked to a Marshall Islands to request a country’s imperishable attract and technicolor landscape. Check out his photos next and learn because Marote, a seasoned waterman and adventurer


The Marshall Islands are home to over 1,000 class of fish and some-more than 250 species



Plane wrecks are abounding in a region’s waters

wreck plane

wreck dive

Approximately 30 yards divided from a craft mutilate is a helicopter mutilate … and a occasional speckled eagle ray or two.

Marote wanted to undo from a universe for a integrate of days, so he had a vessel dump him off on Eneko, a really tiny outdoor island



calm waters





Marshall Islands, we consider we adore you.

All photographs pleasantness of Jake Marote

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