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The Uncomfortable Moment That Inspired Brian Grazer To Write ‘Splash’ (VIDEO)

  • April 21, 2015

Brian Grazer has a lot of implausible films and TV shows underneath his belt — from “Arrested Development” to “A Beautiful Mind” to “Empire”

When Grazer sat down with Oprah

Years ago, Grazer was a immature authorised clerk during Warner Bros., fervent to make his approach adult a ranks in uncover business. As partial of his oppressive use of meeting one new chairman any day

Grazer’s daily use of assembly new people led to some long-lasting friendships over a years — it was how he met

“He won’t even let me go in a office; he meets me during a run as we get off a elevator,” Grazers remembers. “As we got off a conveyor on a 15th floor, we saw him entrance during me, and he gave me that demeanour like, ‘Don’t rubbish my time, kid.”

Typically, Grazer would be undeterred by this attitude, yet that wasn’t a box with Wasserman. “I started out with my opening sentence,” Grazer says. “And he usually said, ‘Look. You don’t have most to say. Wait here a second.'”

Wasserman left into his bureau and returned with a notepad and a pencil.

“He says, ‘Put a pencil to a paper, and it’s value some-more than it is during apart parts,'” Grazer says. “I thought, ‘What’s he mean?’ And he said, ‘Okay, now get out of here!'”

Distracted by his nerves and confusion, Grazer was uncertain what Wasserman was perplexing to tell him during a time. Now, however, he looks behind on a occurrence with some-more clarity.

“What he meant was we have to possess your possess ideas,” Grazer says. “He said, ‘You don’t know anybody, you’re not a nephew or cousin of some film star. You’re a good adequate kid, yet we don’t have any connections. You don’t have a income to buy a book to spin it into a movie. So, a usually thing you’ve got a possibility during is formulating out of zero an idea.'”

It sounds harsh, yet Grazer found this view strangely comforting. “I thought, ‘Well, wow, that’s indeed kind of democratizing, since anyone can put a pencil on a paper,'” Grazer says. “Even yet we never suspicion of myself as a writer, we could usually puncture things out of my imagination.”

This is accurately what a Oscar leader says he did for “Splash.”

“[‘Splash’] was birthed out of that impulse that we had with Lew Wasserman kicking me out of his office!” Grazer says.

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