The Bodies Hit The Floor On ‘True Detective’ Episode 4

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Spoiler warning for “True Detective” Season 2, Episode 4, “Down Will Come.”

The Frank Semyon Comeback Tour is alive, yet it’s not going well. The mobster visits one racial rapist conspirator after a subsequent in hopes of rebuilding his empire, eventually proposing that a soon-to-be-sonless Ray join him in business. Meanwhile, Paul lets lax with his army buddy, afterwards hates himself for it. Ani’s hippie father finally pops adult again, informing his daughter, pre-suspension, that Mayor Chessani and Caspere had business exchange for years. A watch temperament Caspere’s prints turns adult during a guaranty shop. It turns out one of his prostitutes sole it, that brings Frank, Paul and Ani together again — like aged friends! — for a raid on a home of a her pimp, Ledo Amarilla. Unfortunately for these loyal detectives, a meth lab explodes and Amarilla tries to flee, heading to an all-out massacre. Vinci was such a small town, is anyone even still alive after that shootout? Do we care? Let’s discuss.

Matt:Rust Cohle raiding Reggie Ledoux’s meth lab

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Nah, it wasn’t that

Erin: Yes, please, so on house with Paul and Miguel. we mean, come on, Miguel even taped a game! we also consider Paul’s mom is about to make things even some-more disorderly for a guy, yet can we not with a tears in a behind of a cab again, please? We get it. we was anticipating his review with Ray in a automobile would exhibit some some-more exposed tools of both characters, yet still, the debilitating discourse keeps confining these characters from a three-dimensional inlet they’re teetering on. 

This week brought us another cringeworthy line that seems to give a center finger to all of Rust Cohle’s egghead musings: “Those moments, they glance behind during you,” Ani pronounced to her sister. “You don’t remember them, they remember you. You spin around, there they are,” wait for it


Let’s speak about Ani. You criticized a suggestion that she nap with Ray final week, and here she is severe how her gender contributed to her suspension. we knew she’d seize a indifferent feminist impulse during some point, if usually so a Pizzster can infer he’s not a sum worker to scripted misogyny. But she has a gambling problem? Did we know that before? Where does it fit into a incomparable story? Even as any part offers improved scenes than a last, it seems reduction and reduction expected that all of these threads are headed toward a loyal intersection. Maybe it would have been cold to see her charge by a blade fight, yet — we already knew she carried small daggers on her so she can feel like one of a guys. Now all she needs is a force of slitting a throat to feel empowered. (Just kidding. Sorta.) Hey, during slightest Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell can exaggerate that they common shade time with not one yet dual “Breaking Bad” corpses, both of whom deserved distant improved characterizations. That was Andrea, Jesse Pinkman’s beloved, smoking a uncanny hookah siren alone and revelation Ray and Ani that her father has been adult to no good. At this point, I’m only here to mark actors who accost from higher hallmarks of 21st-century radio drama. 

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Erin: That wasburn all [his] shit quickaccording to not-always-trustworthy IMDb