Ricardo Diaz Zeferino’s Death Shows The Danger Of Owning A Waistband

Credit: Gardena Police Department. In this Jun 2, 2013, support from Gardena Police Department dash-cam video, officers aim their guns during Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino, right, and dual friends while questioning a bicycle burglary in Gardena, California. Share on Pinterest

After military officers fatally shot Ricardo Diaz Zeferino in Jun 2013, a L.A. County Sheriff’s Department pronounced that Diaz Zeferino had been reaching for his waistband instead of holding his hands up, the Los Angeles Times reported

This week, a decider systematic military to recover video footage of a incident

The 2013 sharpened was one of many in that an unarmed chairman annoyed military by allegedly relocating his hands nearby his waistband. Criminal suspects mostly do censor weapons in their waistbands, yet as seen in a many instances of military sharpened unarmed people, or sharpened during them, it seems anyone whose palm goes nearby his waistband won’t indispensably get a advantage of a doubt. 

This story is an updated chronicle of a before one compiling officer-involved waistband shootings