Paris Hilton Named Her Dog After Herself, Because Why Not?

There is a transformation in a party attention to remonstrate we that a rich and famous are “just like us.”

You see, Paris Hilton is a lady who reportedly only dropped $25,000 on dual Pomeranian puppies$13,000 on identical white fur round in September

The 33-year-old existence star-turned-DJ posted a print of a little puppy on Jan. 6

On Thursday, Hilton showed adult to a pre-Golden Globes eventuality in West Hollywood with a darling feathery marshmallow masquerading as a puppy in palm and suggested to a Daily Mail that her newest pet shall hereafter be known as “Princess Paris Jr.”

Princess Paris Jr. will join Hilton’s other Pomeranian, Prince Hilton,growing zoo of animals she keeps as pets

paris hilton dog

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