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Occidental College Protesters Win Faculty Support In Protest For President’s Resignation

  • November 20, 2015

Veitch sent a campus email

Veitch due establishing “a neutral go-between to work with administration, faculty, and tyro member to assistance revive trust and pathways for dialogue.”

“He writes these emails about how there’s a good discourse, but there’s 0 discourse,” responded Cruz Riley, one of a tyro activists. 

A orator for a college pronounced students have declined any day to accommodate with Veitch. Riley pronounced that’s since a students insist on assembly a boss while others are around to safeguard that copiousness of students hear what Veitch has to say. 

“There’s been sermon perpetually and no change, and that’s a stream logic for a rejection to negotiate, since we’ve been negotiating and there’s no change,” Riley said. 


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