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‘Mad Men’ Fans Started To Like Stan Rizzo After He Smoked Pot, According To Jay R. Ferguson

  • April 28, 2015

“Mad Men” actor Jay R. Ferguson told HuffPost Live that his impression Stan Rizzo initial came to a uncover as a “smug pig,” though he saw a large change in fan’s reactions after one specific change.

“Once [the writers] authorised him to go full hippie, that endeared him to a lot of a audience,” Ferguson told horde Ricky Camilleri on Monday. “I consider a weed-smoking does wonders for creation a assembly tumble in adore with you, we tell we what. More than anything else, it seems.”

Stan is only one of a many “Mad Men” characters we’ve seen enchanting in illicit substances

Ferguson pronounced he always answers a same way: “My response is, ‘I’ve got 3 kids.'”

Watch a full HuffPost Live review with Jay R. Ferguson here.

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